SGA Tour Info

What is GHIN?
USGA GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network, pronounced “jin”) is a handicapping computational service provided by the USGA through authorized associations and clubs. A golfer must belong to a golf club to obtain a USGA Handicap Index after which they will get a GHIN Number.

5 Membership Types:  

1)     NYSGA GHIN – Can play in only New York Golf Assoc. State days or Championship events. 
$40 (until 4/1) then $49.00 per year

2)     SGA Tour [NO GHIN] : – Can play in any of the 43 SGA Tour events and even 36 holes in a day if you like too! 
$70 (until 4/1) then $79.00 per year

3)     SGA Tour & NYSGA GHIN: Best of both worlds!  $90 (until 4/1) then $99.00 per year    

4)   SGA Tour & Match Play [NO GHIN] : Best of All worlds! $105 (until 4/1) then $114.00 per year

5)  SGA Tour, NYSGA GHIN & Match Play: Best of All worlds! $125 (until 4/1) then  $134.00 per year  

All greens fees are paid at the course on Saturday by player