Our Vision

To fulfill the amateur golfer’s pursuit of sportsmanship, competition, and fellowship on a variety of courses in the WNY State area.

Our Mission

To represent golf as the “Premier Amateur Golf Tour” in the United States.

What is the Saturday Golf Association Tour aka SGA Tour, LLC?

The SGA Tour, LLC has been in existence since 1955. The SGA Tour is a full golf club [Type 2] with membership in the USGA and NYS Golf Association. Every Saturday, from the end of April through September, two courses are scheduled for play from more than 31 courses in the Greater Rochester, NY area. Members, “Pay As U Play.” The SGA Tour is currently made up of over 300+ active members!

Who Can Join?

Men, Women, Students, and Seniors of all skill levels are welcome. The league follows the rules as published by the USGA and R&A. Fill out the SGA Membership Application form to join.

What is “Pay As U Play?”

Under the “Pay As U Play” methodology, you pay only when you play, providing you the maximum flexibility and cost savings. No subs are required when you do not play. You decide (just like the pros) what courses and tournaments you want to play throughout the season. Our tee times are always at prime time Saturday morning starting at sun up and ending approximately 9 am. Each week is treated as an individual tournament playing USGA rules challenging you to many different course designs.

Tee Times

We typically reserve about 20-25 tee times starting as early as 6:00 am and some as late as 10:30 am depending on which week. Each tee time is taken Friday (Monday if Friday is a holiday )  with the TD before Saturday starting at 7:45am and 8am until noon. After this, all tee times are taken by the Weekly Tournament Director directly until the Wednesday before the Saturday. This process repeats weekly.

To reserve a tee time, we use form internal to the system: Friday Option A [7:45am – noon] & Option B [8am – noon] online under the events. After that time frame Text or eMail or call the TD, Each event
has the TD Contact information.
Hours of Operations Monday-Thursday: 9:00am – 5:00pm


Handicaps are determined using the True USGA formula under the USGA manual. Provisions of the Handicap Manual are used to calculate competition handicaps based on the member’s handicap index, tee slope, and rating. Members have the choice of the tees they play.

Members may select (for the season) either Senior(>=60), Women (Forward usually red), Men’s Regular (usually white) or Back (usually blue) tees.. Tee colors for Senior, Forward, Regular or Back tees may vary from course to course.

Membership Types:  

1)     NYSGA GHIN – Can play in only New York Golf Assoc. State days or Championship events.  www.nysga.org/ $49.00 per year

2)     SGA Tour [NO GHIN] : – Can play in any of the 43 SGA Tour events and even 36 holes in a day if you have the will power!   $79.00 per year

3)     SGA Tour & NYSGA GHIN: Best of both worlds!  $99.00 per year    

4) SGA Tour & Match Play[NO GHIN] : Best of All worlds!  $114.00 per year

5) SGA Tour, NYSGA GHIN & Match Play: Best of All worlds!  $134.00 per year  

All Green fees are paid at the course on Saturday By Player


The membership is divided into flights based on the approximate handicap ranges listed below. The example shown is based on five flights:
AA Flight 0 – 10
A Flight 11 – 16
B Flight 17 – 22
C Flight 23 – 28
D Flight 29 – 54

Balancing Flights and overall count

5 – 30 players – 1 flights
31 – 59 players – 2 flights
60  – 79 players – 3 flights
80 – 108 players – 4 flights
109 – 144 players – 5 flights


Individual stroke play, 18 holes, from tees as declared by the member at the start of a season (on membership application). Seniors and women play from designated tees if made available by the golf course.

“Best Ball” is a best-ball competition [75% of a player’s handicap] format in which the teams consist of 1 to 4 players. Each player on the team plays his own ball until completing the hole, then the lower of the net scores are recorded as the team score for that hole.

Weekly Prizes

Tournament flight winners in low gross and low net scoring and each member of the best ball team win a prize.

Individual prizes shall have a value up to $20.00 cert and Best Ball prizes shall have a value up to $15.00 cert for each player of that team.

** All Winners will be rolled over to the following year for pick up throughout the year.

Year-End Prizes

SGA Cup (Annual Winner)
CLUB CHAMPION ( 7 rounds needed )
Annual Overall Flight Winners ( 7 rounds needed )
Berardi Match Play Winner 
Lowest Flight AVG Gross & NET ( 10 rounds needed )

Flight and Club Champs Crowned Annually