The SGA Tour team offers the finest golf organizational skills, as good as the PGA Tour. With great amateurs to High school players, we offer the full range of golfer.  SGA Tour owner, Jeff La Belle, leads a team of sandbaggers including four Tournament Directors Dave Inzana, Bryan Cass, Kyle McCall, Jake Miller, our social media guru Don Middleton, and our finest “Crag Burn” attorney Scott Lupiani to service all your golfing needs.​

Jeff La Belle
Commissioner & Treasurer
585-576-0522 |
Jeff, an RL Thomas HS & RIT grad, is about growing the game of golf. Fitness has been an important part of his life for over 30 years, involving golf for the last 20+ years. He has had the opportunity to play with and learn from various great players over the years, ranging from PGA pros, golf schools, & his pal Gordon. Now his daughter Ava is nipping at his heels as she attends Ethan Allen Prep / #theGolfPerforanceCenter. Hopefully, the @SGA_Tour will make your passion even more enjoyable too!

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Scott Lupiani
Chief Legal Officer

Don Middleton
Delegate Social Media / Match Play Coordinator
585-738-4793 |

Dave Inzana
Delegate Tour Coordinator
585-484-1986 |

Bryan Cass
Delegate Tour Coordinator
585-204-0575 |

Kyle McCall
Delegate Tour Coordinator
585-203-4886 |

Jake Miller
Delegate TD & Comms. Dir.